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190Request for Expressions of Interest
Los Alamos National Laboratory Protective Force Services Subcontract

Los Alamos National Laboratory is seeking Expressions of Interest from qualified firms for the services described below.

General Notes:

The Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS), Associate Directorate for Security, Safeguards and Emergency Response (ADSSER) is issuing a Request for Expressions of Interest for the Protective Forces Services Subcontract (PFSS) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). This action will be followed by issuance of a formal Request for Proposal (RFP), with the bid and evaluation process to follow.

This request does not represent any confirmation by LANS of inclusion on the final bidders list, notification of subcontract award, or authorization to commence any work related to this request.


LANL, owned by the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) and operated by LANS, is a geographically complicated site covering 36 square miles of complex geology, 2,000 feet of elevation change, and 14 major canyon systems. The nature of LANL’s nuclear mission and its importance to the Nation, its program sponsors, and the technical and scientific community, requires a diligent and comprehensive approach to security requirements. The high altitude, potentially inclement weather, and varied terrain require careful consideration of the physical condition and unique training necessary to meet personnel requirements for the site’s Protective Force (PF). Because of the size of the Lab, the various locations of technical areas and physical characteristics of the terrain, LANL and security area perimeters are controlled through use of natural terrain barriers, fabricated barriers, vehicular patrols and electronic devices. In addition, the nature of PF services are characterized by ongoing changes in patrols, fixed posts, vehicle access portals, and other requirements controlled by LANL and DOE/NNSA requirements, and Federal laws and regulations.

The end date for the current LANL Protective Force Services Subcontract is September 30, 2015.

Scope of Work:

The Scope of Work (SOW) for the PFSS encompasses a range of PF and other security related services to be provided. The PF Services Subcontractor at LANL shall be required to:

• Provide leadership and management of the PF to protect National Security Interests, Special Nuclear Material (SNM), classified matter, sensitive matter and property, and personnel; and maintain effective, responsive leadership capable of adapting to changes in the threat environment and as a result of emergency situations.
• Provide continuous PF services, 24 hours per day, every day of the year.
• Provide fully qualified, certified and trained personnel to implement a DOE/NNSA requirement-driven PF. PF personnel must meet clearance, Human Reliability Program (HRP), fitness, medical, and training standards of applicable DOE requirements and Federal laws and regulations.
• Provide a highly trained and capable cadre of uniformed, DOE/NNSA-certified unarmed Security Officers, armed Security Police Officers, Central Alarm System Operators and Supervisors to operate fixed posts, mobile patrols and special assignments.
• Maintain capability to effectively implement containment and/or denial strategies, which includes maintaining capability to successfully implement recapture, recovery and fresh pursuit operations.
• Apply the principles of the DOE Graded Security Protection (GSP) Policy to address threats identified in the GSP Plan; and participate in the development and analysis of protection program strategies.
• Provide an effective and DOE/NNSA-compliant PF training program.
• Develop and maintain accurate, detailed and current post/patrol security instructions and emergency response plans.
• Provide necessary management, administrative, operational, training, planning and logistics support for PF operations.
• Focus PF resources on operations commensurate with the level of risk, in a manner that provides for optimal protection of personnel, the Laboratory, the public, national security assets, and the environment.
• Institute performance assurance programs, such as performance-based tests, selfassessments, and conduct of operations programs, to ensure the PF performs effectively.
• Comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations, and LANL and DOE/NNSA requirements and directives that pertain to PF operations.
• Coordinate PF activities with other DOE/NNSA, local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations, as appropriate.
• Manage, staff, and implement an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Program.

Exclusions to the PFSS Scope of Work: Program direction for LANL physical security; classified matter protection control; security systems; personnel security; badging; computer security; Technical Surveillance Countermeasures; Tempest; OPSEC; canine inspection; and law enforcement (other than as stated in the DOE directives).

Anticipated period of performance for the PFSS is a three-year base period, with two potential option years.

Note to Potentially Interested Parties: The Source Selection Criteria in the RFP for the LANL PFSS will include specific pass/fail criteria. In order to be considered for award, an offeror’s proposal must demonstrate successful experience in all of the areas described below. Stated another way, a proposal will not be further considered if it fails to demonstrate successful experience in any of the following areas:

1. Providing protection for Category I SNM at a DOE facility.
2. Handling and providing protection for classified matter, up to and including the DOE designation of “Top Secret Restricted Data.”
3. Managing and operating, within the confines of a Collective Bargaining Agreement, a PF of at least 200 uniformed officers at a single facility – including unarmed Security Officers and armed Security Police Officers, as described in DOE Order 473.3 Protection Program Operations, and in compliance with Federal laws and regulations.
4. Safely transporting, handling, using and storing firearms/weapons (including fully-automatic), live ammunition, blank ammunition, pyrotechnic devices, chemical agents, explosives, and an Engagement Simulation System (ESS).
5. Developing, implementing and administering a comprehensive training program that complies with the requirements in 10 CFR Part 1046 Physical Protection of Security Interests, DOE O 470.4B Safeguards and Security Program, and DOE Order 473.3 Protection Program Operations.
6. Operating central alarm stations, live fire ranges, and simulator facilities in compliance with all applicable DOE/NNSA requirements and Federal laws and regulations.
7. Operating a Performance Assurance and Evaluation program equivalent to the requirements of the Performance Assurance Program as defined in DOE O 470.4B Safeguards and Security Program and DOE Order 473.3 Protection Program Operations.
8. Operating a Quality Assurance (QA) Program in compliance with the applicable 10 criteria of DOE Order 414.1D Quality Assurance and 10 CFR 830.122 Quality Assurance Criteria. Successful operating experience can either be under an offeror QA Program or under a DOE/NNSA Contractor QA Program.
9. Operating an Environment, Safety & Health Program with all applicable laws, and equivalent to the requirements of the DOE orders.

Further, the RFP Source Selection Criteria will specify that a potential offeror must:

1. Have the capability to obtain and maintain DOE “Q” level clearances for its management team.
2. Have the capability to meet the requirements for DOE Human Reliability Program (HRP) certification for its management team.
3. Have the capability to obtain a DOE Top Secret Facility Clearance (FOCI).
4. Have a safety performance equal to or lower than the following requirements:

Experience Modification Rate

The “EMR” is a number that is assigned to your company based on the insurance premium you pay and your loss statistics. Contact your Insurance company for these numbers.

Maximum Allowable Average: 1:00

Total Recordable Injury/illness Case Rate (From Company OSHA 300 Log)

Rate = Total Recordable Injuries/illnesses x 200.00 Total Employee Hours Worked

Maximum Allowable Average: 3.2

DART Case Rate (Days Away From Work, Restriction, or Job Transfer) (from Company OSHA 300 log)

Rate = Total Days Away/Restricted/Transferred Work Day Cases x 200,000 Total Employee Hours Worked

Maximum Allowable Average: 1.4

Interested entities should submit their written Expression of Interest by July 11, 2014, including:

1. Name of Company;

2. Contact Information (Point of Contact, address, telephone, fax, email); and

3. Very brief description of company’s capabilities and qualifications.

Information should be submitted to PJ Timmerman, Subcontract Administrator at Los Alamos National Laboratory via email to peej@lanl.gov.
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Competition Type
O= Open Competition
S = Small Business Set-Aside
8 = 8(a) Set-Aside
D = Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Set-Aside
H = HUBZone Set-Aside